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About Us
  Shandong Lanmin International Trade Co., Ltd. located in Linqu, Shandong. it is a professional company for producing and processing dried calabash. Since its establishment, based on the companies as the leading, peasants have been led to go on the pioneering road of market one's own products in a manner of cooperative business operation. Constant-temperature and low-temperature warehouses and labs are complete. The annual raw materials for dried calabashes are more than 400 ton and supplied to domestic and overseas users all the year round. The fine dried calabash is available in the following specifications: 2-4, 3-5, 5-7, 6-8, 7-9, and 10-12 millimeters. There are dried calabash sections with the length of 60, 36, 32 and 18 centimeters. There are dried calabashes of 2 and 1 centimeter. There are 1 kilogram dries calabashes in small package. Sulfur-free calabashes are also available. In the pursuit of honesty, being realistic, high quality and win-win goal, we are highly praised for sufficient supply source, complete specifications, high quality, low price and timely supply.

  Edible calabash is also called “sweet calabash” and is a raw material for the dried calabash. It has good mucosity. The calabash fiber can facilitate the increase of bifidobacteria within the stomach so as to promote the health of digestive tracts. Its part for use is fleshy pulp with very high nutritive value. The pulp not only contains multiple kinds of vitamin, glucose and fructose but also contains many elements such as calcium, phosphorus and potassium as well as amino acid. It has fine texture, soft taste and fresh, and very popular with people. Often eating it can increase skin elasticity, and prevent and delay skin aging. Its medicinal value as recorded in Compendium of Materia Medica: odor: sweet taste and neutral nature; indications: thirsty, malignant sore, mouth and nose rot and pain, water duct, heat, and restlessness. In addition, it has efficacy of curing cardiac heat, dis-inhibiting the small intestine, wetting heart and lungs and curing urolithiasis. In modern medicine, calabash and its products are used to cure high blood pressure, hyperlipemia, arteriosclerosis and diabetes mellitus. In addition, ‎cucurbitacin can be made and is highly effective anticancer product. Sweet calabash is processed into strips and is exported with the name of “dried calabash”. It is mainly sold to many countries and regions such as Japan and southeastern coastal areas. In recent years, within continuous recognition of dietary and medicinal value of the calabash strips, the demand for them sin continuously increased and even the supply falls short of demand sometimes.

  Wu Zhenhua, the General Manager, together with the staff is willing to sincerely cooperate with friends from all circles for common development!