Linqu cherry has been awarded the National Geographic Indication Trademark.


Quality Cherry Export

Fresh, nutritious and delicious with fragrant scents,attractive in color,Smooth skin, full juice, sweet, and perfect quality,We export best quality fresh Cherries of different varieties Black Heart, Red Heart, Black Cherry and Red Cherry of in 1Kg CFB Cartons & Wooden Boxes.


Dried Persimmon Export

Our persimmon fruit is a famous local product with a very long history from Linqu County, Shandong province. The color of the dried persimmon is golden yellow with a layer of cream white covered on the skin and the color of the inside flesh is red. It is soft, sweet and rich in nutrition with functions of moistening lung for arresting cough, thus good for skin and health. This is really one of the best among fruits.


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2018 New dried persimmons fresh persimmon for sale

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About 50,000

Output of Fruits

Shelf Life


Our advantages

Irrigation water from mountain spring water, organic fertilizer made from green soybean, organic fruit is dedicated to export to Japan and Korea Market

Quality Assurance

Organic fruits; fruits are big, crystal clear, crisp and sweet, sunny, naturally cultivated and irrigated by mountain springs.

Global Market

Domestic market: Northeast, North China, Southern China
Foreign countries such as Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, etc.